Greek Music

Lefteris’s Greek Music repertoire exceeds 1500 songs by heart. Besides piano and keyboards, Lefteris has performed professionally on trumpet, accordion, oud, and laouto (greek lute). He has collaborated with Greek composers Mikis Theodorakis and Dionysis Savvopoulos, demotic folk singer Panayotis Lalezas, pop singers Fivos Delivorias, Aggelos and Stelios Dionysiou, and Lefteris Pantazis, Greek folk clarinet players Vasilis Saleas and Panayotis Haliyannis, and pontian kemence players Matthaios Tsahouridis, and Mihalis Kaliontzidis. Lefteris is currently active in the Greek music scene of the Boston area and the US in general, performing with the Synavlis, the Penny Muse Band, and as guest performer with the Greek Music Ensemble, Haris Athanasiou, and Yotis Vasileiadis’s Pontian music band.

with the Greek Music Ensemble, Boston University, 2011

with the Orfeas band Malden, MA, summer 2009


with Synavlis, Cambridge MA, 2014

with the Nick Savvas Greek Orchestra, Boston, 2014

with Panayotis Lalezas, Boston, March 2016

Folk song from Thrace, Greece

Arranged by Lefteris Kordis